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Phoenix tree ginkgo leaves yellow Looking for nanjing is the most beautiful in autumn

Date: 2014-10-12

Qixia hill: ChunNiu autumn qixia
22 kilometers northeast of qixia mountain is located in nanjing, also known as mountain, taken in the mountains built "qixia se", hence the name.Qixia mountain peak, three main three MaoFeng elevation 286 meters, also known as fengxiang peak;The northeast mountain, form if the wolong, called longshan;Northwest mountain, such as fighter, the name of tiger hill.Qixia hill relics sites of many, her late autumn red leaves, especially in 2000 found that the "flying" east of grottoes, become a famous tourist destination at home and abroad.Qixia not zhong shan mountain high, but beautiful yi jing, charming scenery, sites of ancient, and throughout ZhuFeng, known as the "jinling the first mountain".Qixia, especially in late autumn maple's woods such as fire, overflow hill across, just like a beautiful picture scroll, known as "ChunNiu first, autumn qixia" said.
After low temperature "baptism", the qixia red leaves "maple" index on the advance.Due to the effect of low temperature catalytic is accelerating to red color leaf tree species, at present, present a different color leaf tree species of red, yellow, purple, orange, green, and will be dressed up in colorful of the scenic spot.
Qixia mountain scenic area in the color red tree species is becoming more and more and achieve more than 10 varieties, such as the beech trees, liquidambar, pistacia, red maple, etc., in the sunlight, showing a rich color, administrative levels feels extremely strong, from a distance like a painting.Best leaf area, number of peach blossom lake, days open rock, red leaves valley and too pavilion, this a few parts of the maple leaf tree "dyeing rate is very high, many blades have been transformed from yellow, orange and red, scarlet, especially in the peach blossom lake area" maple qixia mountain king "is the most attract tourists eyeball, eighty percent of its leaves have turned red, spectacular.
Side of the road, red also does not have lasting appeal, from peach blossom lake to brigitte YunTing, red leaves valley road, binjiang road on both sides, and little yingpan road side, there is a deep red "pyracantha fruit", is very dense, on larger scale.Tea tea areas and the "wuhushan lingyun plank road" part along the area still can see orange "wild persimmon", artificial planting of persimmon fruit than much smaller, hanging on the branches of red form sceneries of their own.