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Nanjing plans minus ten million population growth

Date: 2013-07-21

Reportersfromyesterdayreleased the "Sunanmoderndemonstration areaNanjing Planning" was informed thatthe Nanjingtocontrolpopulation size,improve population qualityas the city's modernization goalsand safeguardstocontrol thesize ofthe resident populationin 2020at9.6 millionor less,which is more thanthe previousNanjinggoals of the planis lessone million.

Planning to the2020Nanjingmajor economicindicators overthe overall level ofmoderately developed countries,per capita GDPto reach 18million or more,of urban and ruralresidents' incomereached75,000 yuan,38,000 yuan, the serviceindustry accounts for60%of GDPabove.

Mechanicalcontrol populationgrowth,Nanjingwill also improvethe population structure,in order topromoteindustrial restructuringlabor structureoptimization, so thatthe total amountof human resources, populationbyeducational attainment, employmentlevels andthe proportion ofmiddle-income groupssignificantly improved.By 2020, the city'sinvestment in human capitalproportion ofGDPaccounted for20% oftotal human resourcesof311million people, mostlyeducatedlabor force,the proportionof 40%